Sunday, September 25, 2011

Sils, Switzerland - January 2011. We took the opportunity to reconnect with old friends and stay at the hotel they are managing in a small town near St. Moritz. Sandra and Pascal's impact on the hotel was palpable, creating a very homey and welcome environment for all the guests, many who have been returning for decades. We were treated like royalty and had an incredible stay in ski paradise.

The house where Friedrich Nietsche stayed while writing "Also Sprach Zaranthustra"

Skiing @ Engadin. Beautiful snow, super groomed, perfect weather.

Swiss Miss

The Snow Polo World Cup was being held in St. Moritz during our stay so we took a break from the slopes and ventured into the city to check it out and witness the jet set in their natural habitat.

The rail from St. Moritz to the Italian border had a crazy looptyloop. Since the Italian rail service was on strike when we hit the border, we got to experience it twice as we made the return trip all the way to Zurich to fly to our next stop...Venice.