Monday, July 25, 2005

Sunday at the beach with cousins GiMoon and JiAn from Shanghai (July 05)

Sunday, July 24, 2005

Ailey went to Cheju Island with mommy and some new friends and learned to make a peace sign in every picture. June 05.

Some activities in the neighborhood, the boardwalk at Haeundae (and boat ride to Olyuk island) all 5 minutes from the apartment. June 05

Ailey's learning to write Korean (kinda)...

And even more art...
ailey and raining on a watermelon

rabbits, elephants, baloons and cotton candy.

self portrait with earrings (what she wants for her birthday...)

three rabbits

More Ailey Art... Most of these are from July 2005 though a few from the few months prior (can you tell which?).
Ailey and a whale Earrings and eyelashes
family portrait
in the garden

Okay, lets give this blogging thing a shot. Of course it will focus on the only thing anyone wants to hear from me about...Ailey Bugbug.

Lets start with some artwork. We've been making "books" lately and filling them with whatever comes to mind. Yesterday it was zoo animals and Ailey really surprised us with how well she drew so many animals (a marsupial tiger with 2 babies in its pockets, a rainbow duck, a rainbow elephant, a snake, a kangaroo with a baby in its pocket, and a few more).