Sunday, October 04, 2009

Hiking at DaKeng - October 2009
Harvest Moon holiday offered an opportunity to do a little hiking in the area. We ventured to DaKeng, in the eastern suburbs of Taichung, with high hopes of an enjoyable, repeatable hike. Instead, we were met with two hours of caveman ladders, which did not mix well with our footwear, nor the high heat and humidity. Scratch DaKeng off the list...
The panorama of Taichung at the midway point.

Lots of typhoon and quake driven landslides had wiped out the trail and forced detours.

Ailey's first "Taiwanese" hamester - Oct 2009

As of 1800 hours Sunday, this little guy (or gal) is named something to the effect of Railliey. Not sure that will stick but whatevers. The cage we bought is giant treadmill wheel with the living quarters in the middle.

Update: the name didnt stick. Ailey says she spotted the hamsters naughty bits and determined its a she's changed the name to Laira.
Ailey's school uniform - Sept 2009

Though she refused to stand for the photo's, she could not escape the photographer...

Thursday, October 01, 2009

Ailey's Summer in Eugene - July 2009

Always a huge fan of fresh picked berries. When Ailey was a baby, she refused to eat blueberries inside...if we werent picking them off the bush, we had to pretend to.

Helping Uncle Jamie to stock and maintain the pond at Grandma's house.

Makin' cookies under GG's watchful eye...

Frosting the cookies with Dana from down the street.