Saturday, April 03, 2010

Ailey knocks out some homework - March 2010

Very impressed with Ailey's progress with Chinese characters. She's still a little shy about speaking but her comprehension is solid, her pronunciation perfect and her reading and writing coming along quite well

Ailey copying characters - stroke order is very important.

Ailey writes her diary. She had been doing this during the tutoring session after school but we changed the program up a bit so she does this at home now. Pretty impressive (the smaller box to the right is the bo-po-mo phonetic alphabet which Ailey had to learn as well).

And after a grueling day of school and homework, its time to kick back and relax with a game of Blockhead!

And to celebrate the end of the day, some fireworks in our dining room. Cant remember the festival but the fireworks ran all day long culminating with a parade that ran down the street next to our apartment until 10pm. The fireworks seemed to be going off inside the apartment they were so close. We were pretty sick and tired of it all by the end of the day.