Saturday, December 19, 2009

Sportsday at Mingdao (Future Heir) Bilingual School - Taichung, Dec 2009

What will surely end up being the coldest of 2009 was the day selected for Ailey's shool sportsday. Really not all that cold with the temp in the low 50s but unusual and unexpected for Taiwan. The humidity, still coming in around 60-80%, is the real issue - the damp cold just seeps through everything, which is easy since there is no heating.

Teacher Amy gives the kids a pep talk.

The "Hawai'ian" Team

The "Korean" Team

Team "Chinese Dragon"

The "Spanish" Team. Fantastic stereotyping today with this team dressed at matadors. I've spared you the image of Team "Africa" with blackface...

The "Scuba" Team

The "Rocker" team

Santa presided over the festivities.

Bullhorns and Leis

Some of Ailey's classmates

The "Spanish" team

The "Korea" team

Ailey's English class teachers, Jenny and Scott (with kids from her English class)

Team "Surfs Up" enters the stadium.

The glorious banner of Team "Surfs Up"

Team photos

The Big Race. Ailey got a bit of a lurchy start (everyone else false started according to her) but she caught up with 'em in the end.