Sunday, December 13, 2009

Miscellaneous activities - Taichung, November/December 2009

Homemade Spa Treatment

Docter Johnson - a sign of what lies ahead? Maybe not, her handwriting is too legible.

JinJu NaiCai or "pearl milk tea" but more affectionately titled "pollywog tea" due to the color and texture of the pearls. This stuff rocks regardless of what you call it!

Ailey's new bike, perhaps purchased more on color than anything else. Still a little big for her, we're borrowing a neighbors smaller bike while she gets her cycle legs back (its been perhaps a year since she last rode).

Ailey practicing her Chinese. A subtle little subliminal message is included...can you find it?

We recently hosted a housewarming party that quickly spiraled into the depths of debauchery...yes, whipping cream straight from the can. The horror, the horror...

Spent a day at the Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village with Ailey and her friend Portia. Prety cool place where you can explore the history and culture of Taiwan's indigenous tribes (polynesian) and enjoy some crazy rides at the amusement park.

Ailey and Portia in the gondola.

Ailey misbehaved while we were there and got a 5 minute time out.

Mihwa's was 20 minutes as she clearly needed an "attitude adjustment".

Interesting wood carvings from some old support beams.