Saturday, August 22, 2009

Day 1 - orientation at Ailey's new school, MingDao/Future Heir Elementary - Aug 09.

Reality is sinking in...for both Ailey and her parents. Her bravado earlier that her Chinese will be better than her parents in a couple months is probably still valid but now standing at the foot of the mountain, its go time. Definitely recognizing the challenge ahead but also the opportunity and talking about it with the bug. She's not too excited right now but 3 months down the road, after she's kicking our butts in a public setting, things will be a bit different.

Below are pix from orientation day...

Believe it or not, both Chinese and English names are misspelled.

Teacher Amy...Ailey's Chinese teacher. Teacher Jenny (Ailey's superfluous ESL teach) guided us though the orientation. Teacher Scott (Ailey's English language studies teacher) has yet to rear his English head. Perhaps if I wear a necklace of Guiness next time I visit the school?